When Home Care is Delivered Like an Owner

An invested caregiver for your loved one.

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Our Cooperative Journey

Caregiver-owned companies are invested in your care.

Providing quality care doesn't come down to large marketing budgets or national branding. Quality comes from a personal investment in each and every client.


Why Ownership Makes the Difference

When caregivers are also company owners, they invest in your care with passion and purpose.

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Shift Your Investment

Worker-owned home care invests more of your home care dollars to support and train caregivers. 

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Benefit from an Engaged Caregiver

Company ownership allows caregivers to work in a supportive team where quality and training are high priorities.

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Experience an Empowered Employee

Worker-owned home care listens to the experience and insights of those who deliver your care.

Caregiver Ownership Leads to Reliability

Companies that open the door for every caregiver to become an owner are designed to deliver a better quality of care.

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A Better Life for Your Caregiver

Good care depends on the support that your caregiver receives.  Worker-owned companies provide exceptional training and support to every caregiver.

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Passion for Caring

The passion for caring is fueled by the culture of ownership and team effort. Caregiver-owners pull together and support quality, compassionate care.

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Built to Care Better

In worker-owned home care, the same people who deliver your care participate in company decisions and make quality their goal. 

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When you invest in caregiver-owned services you are investing in your own care.

What Customers Say


When I began to receive services, I liked the home health aide HCA sent and the work the aide was doing. She helps me manage my home and my care. After 20 years of service, I can say that I love HCA services, the staff is supportive and consistent. HCA has helped me stay independent in my home, active and knowledgeable about Home Care Services.

Ms. Adams
Ms. Adams



Since acquiring HCA aides, I’m no longer stressed about my health. My aide Geana makes sure I take my meds on time and get to my Dr’s appointments. She helps with meal preparations and helps with personal care, she makes sure my hair is top notch. My home is sanitized and presentable. She also takes care of all my errands. I am truly blessed to have her!

Ms. Hollis
Ms. Hollis



I came to Home Care Associates because I heard how well HCA treated their consumers and employees. I stay because my daughter is my aide. I see her growth and how HCA provided her with excellent training. She has taught me how to do things on my own that I wasn’t able to do before. I can call HCA and talk to someone at any time to get support. I trust y’all with my daughter's employment and my care. I love HCA! HCA is like my family.

Ms. Patricia
Ms. Patricia


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