Put your future in your hands.

How in-home caregivers choose their own path to success and share in company profits.

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A Journey to Ownership

In-home Caregivers as Company Owners

It makes all the difference when caregivers are also company owners.

They work together to deliver great in-home care and help each other build a career path that meets their needs.

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Why Ownership Makes the Difference

When caregivers are also company owners, they benefit from a work experience that is unlike any other.


They enjoy:


A Dedicated Community

They are part of a dedicated community of caregivers that shape their own career path.


Better Skills

They experience a supportive work environment and new skills development through training and coaching.


A Voice That's Heard

Not only are their concerns and scheduling needs heard, but their experience and wisdom impact the direction of the company.



Caregivers who are owners also share in the profit of the company's success.


Guaranteed Placement

Receive quality training that leads to advancement opportunities and guaranteed placements.

A Confident Future

Nationally, caregivers who work for a cooperative company earn an average of $1.93 more per hour than other caregivers.

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Shape Your Future

You shape your own future as a cooperative owner by helping the company grow and deliver quality care.

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Elevate the Value of Care

Be a part of a team of caregiver-owners who are all working to deliver the greatest care for better earnings.

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A Team You're Proud Of

Your passion for caregiving will grow as you are respected and see your whole company making a difference in peoples' lives.

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Pathway to a Better Future

More than a “job”—a path to a more secure future, better opportunities, and the rewards of ownership.

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Caregivers deserve respect.

Hear from Caregiver-Owners


HCA has elevated me from being an unemployed, widowed mother of four with limited English to a worker-owner and mentor. HCA continues to accept and appreciate me for my work and contributions to the company.

Ms. LaFortune
Ms. LaFortune



HCA provided me the opportunity to grow and enhance my skills and knowledge. My life has changed over the years working with HCA, I am a worker-owner, board member, mentor, committee member and specialty aide. As a result of my successful employment with HCA I also became a homeowner.

Ms. Beatty
Ms. Beatty



The most gratifying feeling is having your employer and consumer appreciate and look forward to having you. I have grown since working with HCA, I am now a worker-owner, mentor and community ambassador for the company thus allowing me to be more involved with the company and home care.

Ms. Bracey
Ms. Bracey


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